The Story Behind cmw

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A few days ago, Kushal Das shared a curl command.

The command was as follows:

$ curl

I, obviously, was curious. I ran it and it was interesting. So it returns the weather right ? Pretty cool huh!

The interest

That got me interested to learn how does this work exactly.

The investigation

I looked at and it seemed to have a GitHub link and a repository. That is very interesting. This is a Python application, one can tell by the code or if you prefer the GitHub bar at the top.

Anyway, one can also tell that this is a Flask application from the following code in the bin/

from flask import Flask, request, send_from_directory
APP = Flask(__name__)

By reading the of the repository one can read. uses wego for visualization and various data sources for weather forecast information.

Let’s jump to the wego repository then.

wego seems to be a command line application to graph the weather in the terminal.

Great, so what I did with cmw is already done in Go and API’fied by a different project.

My answer to that accusation is obviously this post.

The idea

I played a bit more with and I found it to an interesting API. I am trying to work on my python development foo so to me that was a perfect little project to work on. From my perspective this was simply an API and I am to consume it to put it back in my terminal.

The work

The beginning work was very rough and hidden away in a private repository and was moved later here. The only thing left from that work is the --format argument which allows you full control over what gets sent. But again, let’s not forget what the real purpose of this project was. So I decided to make the whole API as accessible as possible from the command line tool I am writing.

 $ cmw --help
 usage: cmw [-h] [-L LOCATION] [-f FORMAT] [-l LANG] [-m] [-u] [-M] [-z] [-o]
            [-w] [-A] [-F] [-n] [-q] [-Q] [-N] [-P] [-p] [-T] [-t TRANSPARENCY]
            [--v2] [--version]

 Get the weather!

 optional arguments:
   -h, --help            show this help message and exit
   -L LOCATION, --location LOCATION
                         Location (look at epilog for more information)
   -f FORMAT, --format FORMAT
                         Query formatting
   -l LANG, --lang LANG  The language to use
   -m, --metric          Units: Metric (SI) (default outside US)
   -u, --uscs            Units: USCS (default in US)
   -M, --meter-second    Units: Show wind speed in m/s
   -z, --zero            View: Only current weather
   -o, --one             View: Current weather & one day
   -w, --two             View: Current weather & two days
   -A, --ignore-user-agent
                         View: Force ANSI output format
   -F, --follow-link     View: Show the 'Follow' line from upstream
   -n, --narrow          View: Narrow version
   -q, --quiet           View: Quiet version
   -Q, --super-quiet     View: Super quiet version
   -N, --no-colors       View: Switch terminal sequences off
   -P, --png             PNG: Generate PNG file
   -p, --add-frame       PNG: Add frame around output
   -T, --mid-transparency
                         PNG: Make transparency 150
                         PNG: Set transparency between 0 and 255
   --v2                  v2 interface of the day
   --version             show program's version number and exit

     Supported Location Types
     City name:                  Paris
     Unicode name:               Москва
     Airport code (3 letters):   muc
     Domain name:      
     Area code:                  94107
     GPS coordinates:            -78.46,106.79

     Special Location
     Moon phase (add ,+US
     or ,+France
     for these cities):          moon
     Moon phase for a date:      moon@2016-10-25

     Supported languages

     Supported: af da de el et fr fa hu id it nb nl pl pt-br ro ru tr uk vi
 $ cmw --location London --lang nl --one
 Weerbericht voor: London

      \   /     Zonnig
       .-.      20 °C
    ― (   ) ―   → 19 km/h
       `-’      10 km
      /   \     0.0 mm
 ┌──────────────────────────────┬───────────────────────┤  za 31 aug  ├───────────────────────┬──────────────────────────────┐
 │          's Ochtends         │          's Middags   └──────┬──────┘    's Avonds          │           's Nachts          │
 │    \  /       Gedeeltelijk b…│    \  /       Gedeeltelijk b…│               Bewolkt        │    \  /       Gedeeltelijk b…│
 │  _ /"".-.     21 °C          │  _ /"".-.     23..24 °C      │      .--.     20 °C          │  _ /"".-.     18 °C          │
 │    \_(   ).   ↗ 12-14 km/h   │    \_(   ).   ↗ 18-20 km/h   │   .-(    ).   ↗ 20-25 km/h   │    \_(   ).   → 16-19 km/h   │
 │    /(___(__)  10 km          │    /(___(__)  10 km          │  (___.__)__)  10 km          │    /(___(__)  10 km          │
 │               0.0 mm | 0%    │               0.0 mm | 0%    │               0.0 mm | 0%    │               0.0 mm | 0%    │
 Locatie: London [51.509648,-0.099076]


All I got to say in conclusion is that it was a lot of fun working on cmw and I learned a lot. I’m not going to publish the package on PyPI because seriously, what’s the point. But if you are interested in making changes to the repository, make an MR.