Who am I ?

I am a DevOps cloud engineer with a passion for technology, automation, Linux and OpenSource. I’ve been on Linux since the early 2000’s and have contributed, in some small capacity, to some open source projects along the way.

I dabble in this space and I blog about it. This is how I learn, this is how I evolve.

Contact Me

If, for some reason, you’d like to get in touch you have sevaral options.

  • Find me on libera in #LebFUG or #LearnAndTeach.
  • Email me at blog[at]lazkani[dot]io

If you use GPG and you should, my public key is 2383 8945 E07E 670A 4BFE 39E6 FBD8 1F2B 1F48 8C2B